• Dear members and visitors,

    Senator Nael Al KabaritiI am pleased to present to you Union of Arab Chambers' new website, which we hope will provide an additional and sophisticated means for the Arab business community to communicate with all the Chambers, Union of Arab Chambers, Joint Arab Foreign Chambers and similar Arab and international economic organizations.
    Since its establishment in 1951, UAC has witnessed achievements and successes that we cherish and are proud of and have become an integral part of contemporary Arab economic history. These successes are due to the efforts of the presidents and members of the Union who believe in the necessity of Arab economic cooperation and integration in order to preserve resources and preserve wealth, and the Arab economic and social growth. This goal, which the Union as a representative of the Arab private sector has done, is the best thing to achieve.
    We look forward to this new site as an addition and benefit to the business system in the Arab world, providing it with the information, ideas and proposals that it needs, as well as the experts and economic researchers. It will include a wide range of information, studies and working papers through the e-library of the Union. Investment opportunities, tenders and trade evidence, thus helping to strengthen joint investment linkages. We have also set up a special link to advertise job opportunities for individuals and businesses.
    We will be able to follow the best modern standards, where the new site is easy to use and browse, and respond to any electronic device, in Arabic and English languages. The site will be a companion page of the Arab Chambers and Joint Arab Foreign chambers, where they can put the news and activities and information they want, the user can brouse for the information through the website of the Union or if he/she want more info they will be redirected to the site concerned.
    We are confident that with the support of the members of the Union, we will be able to communicate the voices, opinions, aspirations and needs of the employers to the Arab decision makers, and help them to formulate sound economic policies.
    We welcome your suggestions and observations for improvement, development and modernization.


    Senator Nael Al Kabariti


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