The Lebanese Diaspora: A Civil Solution for Extreme Choices
Date: Monday, October 26 @ 13:06:58 EET
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The Lebanese Diaspora: A Civil Solution for Extreme Choices
By: Raed H. Charafeddine / First Vice-Governor – Central Bank of Lebanon

Global migrations have contributed, throughout the ages, to enhancing the opportunities of trade, development and acculturation between peoples. The disintegration of political borders before commodities and ideas is the most salient manifestation of globalization in recent decades. This disintegration, however, did not include human mobility but transformed into a social filter for selecting the qualified and talented and rejecting the rest – even should they drown at sea in illegal immigration. The situation has played a part in choking poor countries with millions of young people in search of life, work and hope – a chokehold that will turn into deadly conflicts in several regions of the world, and lead the hopeless to adopt extremist and desperate methods in a mock religious guise. Conversely, the Lebanese setting presents a promising model, whether due to the properties of Lebanese society in the home country or to the wide scattering across the world.

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